MTI Magnolia Telecom – Prepaid phone cards, a part of your emergency plan

The modern era of technology has seen the family, landline phone take a back seat to the mobile phone. It holds everything we need – our social media, our contacts, our photos, and much more. Our lives are packed into this tiny device that has become nothing short of a lifeline.

But, what about when our lives are really on the line and this device we’re tied to becomes useless to help us?

That’s why one reason why prepaid phone cards are an essential to anyone’s emergency kit, whether it be a domestic or international kit. It is a large part of being prepared and realizing that no system is secure, and that includes the mobility networks, electrical systems and landlines.

So where does prepaid cards come in? As a guaranteed call in your pocket.

With that in mind, here are three good, emergency-related reasons for why you should always have a calling card on hand.
1. Travel emergency Traveling can be the highlight of your life, but when tragedy strikes, it can be pure devastation. While more often than not your travel will go according to plan, it never hurts to be prepared, especially when traveling in areas with higher crime rates. Being mugged is not uncommon, and usually the cell phone is the first to go. This invasion can be feel world shattering and at that moment, nothing will feel as good as a voice from home. Skip the pricey hotel calls and take out that loaded emergency card that will connect you in seconds.

2. Natural Disasters Disasters can take place at any time, in every form. Whether it’s a flood, wildfire, or a hurricane, you may have to leave your home in a hurry. You may forget your phone. Or your charger. Or the cell towers could go down, or electrical towers. The possibilities are endless for the ways you could be cut off from loved ones.

You could be displaced for any length of time, and a loaded prepaid phone card could be your ticket to staying in touch, making arrangements, checking in on home or the situation without being tied to a phone or having that extra worry of an unknown bill when the last thing you want to think about is the how much money are you spending on getting your life back in order.

3. Emergency travel

Different from a travel emergency, this is when you have to catch the quickest flight across country for a sick relative or, unfortunately, a funeral. Your phone can tag along, but so will all those long distance fees. And as Canadians, we pay some of the highest charges in the world. With a prepaid card, you can skip the worry about these trivial things, so you can get your mind back on the things that really matter.