MTI Magnolia Telecom: When to know it’s time to switch residential phone providers


When it comes to bills, it’s safe to say a majority of our attention is often focused on the steadily climbing cellphone bill. However, few people fail to realize that their landline is also often a source of extra unneeded expense.

However, with that said, landlines are reliable safety options for seniors living alone, not to mention that a direct line to your home is less likely to get lost or misplaced in your car while you are out and about. However, through some strategic planning, you can reduce the monthly cost associated with your landline.

1. Carefully review your bill – Ensure the services you are paying for are actually being used. Also look for services you can do without. If your provider is charging you a monthly long distance fee, think about canceling the long distance service and using your internet connection to communicate with friends and families overseas.

2. Ask for a deal– The truth is most of us have had our landline for so long we rarely think about it.  But, if you have been a customer of a company for more than five years and promptly pay your bill, you are more than likely entitled to some sort of loyalty discount or benefit.

The best time to negotiate with your service provider is when your contract is nearing completion. Just like cellphone service providers, telecommunication companies are looking to retain customers, so when your contract is up they are willing to be more generous in terms of deals in order to keep your business.

3. Switch providers – Unfortunately, with a majority of the larger telecommunications service providers, it is easy to feel like you are just one of a thousand accounts that aren’t valued much. If you are unhappy with your service provider, it is easier than ever to switch providers. At MTI Magnolia Telecom, we offer affordable rates starting as low as $9.95 a month, customers can also choose to keep their existing phone number and long distance is included.

There are also companies, like MTI Magnolia Telecom, that offer business phone services, which is an added benefit for people who run a small business out of their homes.

Before making the switch, make sure you have researched the market and the company to ensure they offer the services and quality you expect. Speak to a representative of the company and have them explain the specific services available to you and your area, also have them explain and outline any hidden or strange usage costs.

The Canadian government has created a helpful checklist for customers to use when they are choosing or switching local phone service providers. In recent years the government has also committed to increasing the level of competition in the market which will impact consumers looking for cheaper rates.