MTI Magnolia Telecom: 3 Times Your Child May Need a Calling Card

Every year, hundreds of thousands of children, teens and university students embark on two months of fun in the sun. Summer is an opportunity for our youngest members of society to de-stress from school by relaxing, going to camp or taking a trip.  As a parent, your child’s safety is of course one of your primary concerns. That’s why no matter how old they are or where they go, it’s critical that they are able to communicate with you, should any sort of emergency were to arise.

Packing a $10 prepaid calling card in your child’s belongings can give you an added sense of security, while ensuring your children are able to call you despite their location.

Children – Summer Camp

One of the first times your child may venture away from home for an extended period of time is summer camp. While the idea of letting him or her partake in a wilderness adventure full of swimming, horseback riding, hiking, boating, etc.  is a fantastic way to enrich their summer, sending your little one away to participate in these activities can be scary and is often accompanied by parental anxiety.

While most camps frown on children bringing digital devices like cell phones, tablets and computers with them, it is perfectly acceptable to send a calling card with your child. What’s better, most calling cards can be used from any payphone or landline.

Teenagers – Camping & Road trips

Parents of teenagers know that it can often be hard to keep up with teenagers’ high energy social life. While teenagers are known for sleeping in over summer break, a vast majority of them spend their summer working or spending time with friends. Some of the most popular activities among teens include the epic road trip and camping.

Almost a rite of passage, a road trip with friends creates everlasting stories and memories, and when paired with group camping, the fun is only more memorable. Despite most teenagers never taking a break from their digital devices, cell phones should not be solely relied on for safety or emergency situations, especially on long trips where finding an energy source to keep them charged is difficult.

These are the perfect times to give your teenager a $20 prepaid calling card. Most camp grounds, while lacking electricity for the most part, do have a centralized payphone that can be used in an emergency. Having a prepaid calling card will enable a camper to make multiple calls to emergency officials, home, etc. without having to find handfuls of change.

University Students – Traveling Abroad

Even though most university students are adults, that doesn’t prevent their parents from worrying about them, especially if students travel abroad or spend their summer doing an international work study.

Traveling across the globe for the first time is an exciting adventure.  But, of course, there are also opportunities for things to go awry. The loss of a digital device while on vacation may prevent your child from being able to stay in contact with you. Depending on a cell phone while overseas can also result in extremely high roaming charges — the last thing a university student who is on a shoestring budget needs.

Parents who have university and college students traveling over the summer break can give themselves added peace of mind by giving their young traveler a few prepaid calling cards in a variety of denominations. The prepaid minutes will ensure that no matter how far they travel they are able to get a hold of you whenever they need.

University students can also use calling cards to keep in touch with international students they met at home and abroad.

Prepaid calling cards are sold at a number of convenient locations in a variety of denominations including the $5, $10 and $20 amounts currently sold by MTI Magnolia Telecom.