A brief history of long distance calling

Before the internet revolutionized global communication, there was long distance telephone service. Replacing the traditional letter delivered by snail mail, long distance ushered in an age where communication a city, a province, a country away was quick and easy.

Long distance telephone service allowed families and friends from across the globe to catch up with one another and stay in contact.

140 years ago this year, on August 10, 1876 Alexander Graham Bell made the world’s first long distance telephone call, which spanned the distance of 6 miles between Brantford and Paris, Ontario, Canada.

Despite the short distance, Bell knew he had ushered in a new era of communication, one that is still prevalent and relevant a century and half later.

Coincidentally, also in 1876, Hungarian inventor Tivadar Puskas invented the telephone switchboard exchange, which would help to facilitate the rapid growth and expansion of telephone communications near and far.

By 1900, city-to-city long distance calling was common and, in 1915, Bell made the first transcontinental telephone call to Thomas Watson – from New York to San Francisco – after trials using De Forest’s triodes successfully boost the long-distance signal. What is the world’s longest telephone line consists of 2,500 tons of copper wire, 130,000 poles, three vacuum-tube repeaters, and countless numbers of loading coils.

Fast forward 101 years later and you would be hard pressed to find a person on the planet who hasn’t made or received a long distance phone call from a loved one. Over the years the telephone and its capabilities to reach overseas, mountains and land has united humanity.

Now long distance calls can be made from a traditional landline, a mobile device and even the internet. This saturation of telecommunication methods has also dramatically affected the price of long distance calling.

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While the internet has given us countless ways to interact, there is still nothing that compares to hearing the voice of a loved one miles away.