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A brief history of long distance calling

Before the internet revolutionized global communication, there was long distance telephone service. Replacing the traditional letter delivered by snail mail, long distance ushered in an age where communication a city, a province, a country away was quick

MTI Magnolia Telecom: Commercial Services to Know

When it comes to business communication needs, most small, medium and even large businesses choose Dual Mode PBX services. Featuring mobility and security, a dual-mode device is one that offers voice and data connectivity to both Wifi

MTI Magnolia Telecom – Prepaid phone cards, a part of your emergency plan

The modern era of technology has seen the family, landline phone take a back seat to the mobile phone. It holds everything we need – our social media, our contacts, our photos, and much more. Our lives

MTI Magnolia Telecom: When to know it’s time to switch residential phone providers

  When it comes to bills, it’s safe to say a majority of our attention is often focused on the steadily climbing cellphone bill. However, few people fail to realize that their landline is also often a

MTI Magnolia Telecom – 3 things to know about VOIP technology

Canada is home to a rich entrepreneurial spirit, which is evidenced through the more than 1.1 million small businesses that operate in the country.  While each of these businesses is unique, they do share some common goals,

MTI Magnolia Telecom: Distributorships, turning spare time into money

Distributorships have long been a source of part-time income. Famously, many businesses have built empires using this business structure. In the late 70s through the 80s, distributorships gave stay-at-home-moms access to supplementary income, as well as an

MTI Magnolia Telecom Asks, Are you using the right business phone system?

Each small business has a unique and diverse set of needs when it comes to phone systems. These needs are determined by a number of factors including type of business, number of employees, client base, location, etc.

MTI Magnolia Telecom: 3 Times Your Child May Need a Calling Card

Every year, hundreds of thousands of children, teens and university students embark on two months of fun in the sun. Summer is an opportunity for our youngest members of society to de-stress from school by relaxing, going

MTI Magnolia Telecom: Tips to Supplement Your Income

We all could use a little extra money, whether it’s for a dream vacation, a much needed home renovation or for some extra retirement cushioning. Supplementing your income is also helping people retire earlier and profit from

MTI Magnolia Telecom: Three ways to stay in touch with loved ones

As global travel and migration continues to grow in popularity, keeping in touch with friends and family around the world becomes ever more important. Today, there are a variety of tools to remove the borders and distances